The Shows

Award Winning Paranormal Television Series

  Ghost Dimension: Season 7

1. Gwrych Castle: Supernatural Gateway

Bex and Sean explore Gwrych Castle in Wales, renowned for its hauntings. Amid eerie voices, strange noises, and shadows, they use specialized equipment to unveil the spectral mysteries lurking within. Will they unearth Gwrych Castle's ghostly secret...

2. Gwrych Castle: Secrets of the Unknown

In the thrilling conclusion, Bex and Sean return to Gwrych Castle for intense paranormal investigations. Eerie chambers, mysterious apparitions, and chilling whispers await as they seek conclusive otherworldly proof.

3. Phantoms of Formby: Starfish Bunker Unveiled

The team visit Merseyside's Formby Starfish Bunker to unveil its wartime secrets, encountering eerie whispers, phantom footsteps, and soldier apparitions as they try to capture undeniable proof of the paranormal.

4. Sands Lake Secrets: Paranormal Mysteries

The team explore paranormal phenomena at Sands Lake, encountering a plethora of occurrences from mysterious voices to ghostly apparitions, hoping to unveil the secrets of this haunted location.

7. Dark Echoes: Haunted Barn Unveiled

Exploring a barn filled with uncharted spirits, whispers, and chilling encounters.

8. Haunting Echoes: Clarke Zoo's Secrets

Unravel the spectral enigmas within Clarke Zoo Gardens, eerie encounters and secrets await.

9. Beyond the Veil: Zoo's Ghostly Enigma

In Clarke Zoo, paranormal activity reigns with spine-tingling apparitions and ghostly revelations.

10. Factory Whispers: Unraveling Unknown

The team delves into a historic site, where eerie voices and enigmatic questions haunt every corner. Uncover the mysteries of restless spirits as we journey through a chilling landscape of the unknown.

5. Sands Lake Spirits: Haunted Legends

In part two of our Sands Lake investigation, we dive deeper into the unexplained, capturing voices from the beyond and unlocking the lake's mysteries.

6. Shadows' Whispers: Barn Haunting

Join us as we uncover eerie voices, paranormal encounters, and unsolved mysteries within a barn with a chilling history.