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3. Haunting of New Mills Art Theatre Part 1

The Ghost Dimension team travel to Derbyshire to investigate the New Mills Arts Theatre.?This quirky little building has played host to many famous acts and world renowned plays but has a little known secret that it's allegedly Haunted. With unexplained voices coming from the auditorium and shadows witnessed on the stage, The activity will get so intense it will leave the team in a spin!

4. Haunting of New Mills Art Theatre Part 2

The Ghost Dimension Team are ready for act II at the New Mills Arts Theatre.? With so much apparent activity happening at this unassuming theatre the team just couldn't leave when so much more seemed to be promised. And more there was. ?Has one of the team been singled out as a cry for help from spirit takes hold and has everyone reeling from what they witness?

9. Lost Souls Of The Tivoli Venue

The Ghost Dimension Team travel to North Wales and the Tivoli Theatre in Flint for a night of entertainment.? Once a place of laughter, drama and suspense from the plays once performed here the theatre sadly suffered a tragic fire which is said to have claimed the life of an employer here.?