The Shows

Award Winning Paranormal Television Series

  Ghost Dimension: Season 4

1. Bump In The Bingo Hall

The team head out to Blackpool for a day out at the seaside that they will never forget. Investigating one of Blackpool's iconic buildings The Empire Bingo Hall. Many famous acts have played here and it seems that some may have never left.

2. Demons on The Buses

Hidden in St Helens, is a museum that is home to demonic and dark entities trapped inside of vehicles. Ghost Dimension attempt to uncover its dark and untold secrets and come face to face with one of the most violent spirits they have ever encountered.

3. Ghost Dimension Halloween Special

Join Bex, Sean and the team as they investigate The Wellington Hotel for Halloween. Based in Halewood, this public inn has more haunting inside of its walls than the spirits behind the bar

4. Jack The Ripper

Bex and Sean head to Sefton and investigate a police station connected to the murderous Jack The Ripper. Was James Maybrick really the Ripper? Did his wife poison him? Is he haunting this old police station? These are the questions Ghost Dimension investigate tonight.

5. . House of Horror

Blackpool is iconic for ghosts and tonight, Sean and Bex investigate a horror attraction which appears to have attracted some very real spirits that are spooking its customers.

6. Scars for Life

Could a tattoo studio be haunted? Has a Ouija board opened a gateway to the spirit dimension? Ghost Dimension spend the night investigating Deviant Ink tattoo studio and come across some of the strangest paranormal activity that they have ever encountered

7. Hotel of Horror

Ghost Dimension head to Halewood and investigate the Wellington Hotel. Believed to be a hive of paranormal activity. Will they uncover what is haunting this public house?

8. Who is there?

Could a cemetery be haunted? The team come head out to find out and contact restless souls that have been haunting the graveyard.

9. Man with a Cane

The team head to Bolton and investigate the Old Three Crowns. Haunted by the spirit of a very angry man with a deadly cane and an upset young ghostly girl. Will they uncover why the girl is so upset? and could they encounter the angry spirit man?

10. I hear a baby crying

The team investigate the Market Hotel in Bolton. Believed to be haunted by the lost soul of a previous landlord and a guest who likes to make herself known. They make contact with spirits from the other side and witness first hand paranormal activity.

11. The House of The Devil

The island of Gran Canaria houses some of the most haunted buildings in the world and tonight the team fly to the island and investigate claims of satanic worship and paranormal activity, in a house that is believed to have been built by the Devil himself.

12. The House of Fear

Located in Gran Canaria, there is one house that locals refuse to enter and that is, The House of Fear. Ghostly shadows, loud banging and demonic voices have all been reported here and the Ghost Dimension team will investigate these claims tonight.

13. The Lady in Grey

Ghost Dimension investigate ruins of The Orangery in Merseyside and claims that the ghost of a grey lady is haunting the location. They capture some of the most compelling paranormal evidence they have ever encountered.

14. What Haunts Inside?

Bex and Sean return to the grounds of The Orangery and investigate claims of paranormal hauntings inside of Allerton Stables. After capturing some of the most compelling footage ever, will the stables prove to be as haunted as The Orangery?

15. Return to the Dark

Bex and Sean revisit Woolton Hall for a Halloween extended investigation. After previously encountering a dark spirit and expectations are high for a Halloween night of paranormal investigations.