The Shows

Award Winning Paranormal Television Series

  Ghost Dimension: Season 2

1. A Poltergeist Nightmare at 30 East Drive

The team step into a house that has become legend with the paranormal community, 30 East Drive, Pontefract. With a blockbuster movie behind it, the team are about to find out that even after 50 years since the Pritchard family underwent their horrific ordeal, there is still a darkness that pervades this ordinary looking house on an ordinary street

2. Sinister Happenings at The Village Farm Museum Part 1

The team head to Lincolnshire to investigate the Village Farm Museum. This location looks out of place being in the middle of a residential housing estate. The original farmhouse has its fair share of ghostly goings on and for one of the team it seems they may have attracted a new friend

3. Sinister Happenings at The Village Farm Museum Part 2

This fascinating location sees a twist in the activity with Bex and Sean getting more than they bargained for. Something spooks Bex in the main farmhouse which leaves her wondering was it being playful or is there more sinister things afoot. Sean braves the White Cottage and captures the possible suicide by hanging of a previous resident

4. Souls Seeking Solace Gotts Park Mansion

The team encounter a spirit member joining them on the thermal imaging camera and appears to leave its ghostly hand print on camera. A ghostly dog makes itself known during an interview with the psychic medium and a spirit seems to vanish some of the teams equipment, never to be seen again

5. Long Lost Treasure at Jessops Old Mill and Auction House

The ghost dimension team visit Batley, West Yorkshire to investigate a location where it may not be the building that's haunted but the items that reside within. Currently used an an auction house, could it be a haunted object amongst the many hundreds that pass through here or is a former owner/employee of the building reluctant to move on even after the hammer has gone down

6. A Night at The Leeds Museum Part 1

Four floors of terror. Objects from around the world are at home at the museum but what has attached themselves to them and now roam the floors and corridors after dark? Is there a little boy that knows how to set off a hand drier in a rest room? And can an animal die from a broken heart? Prepare for a night of terror

7. A Night at The Leeds Museum Part 2

With activity sending the team into a spin on the top floor, is there something attached to the museums main attraction, the mummy? Is there a curse with it or have the team just caught sight and captured on film the real culprit that haunts the museum, a lady called Jenny?

8. Lost Souls of One Melling Road

The team head to Liverpool to help a restaurant uncover what could be haunting here. Bex and Sean encounter the spirit of a white lady in the private quarters. A spirit interacts with Bex in the kitchen and Sean speaks to lost souls in an unforgettable moment

9. Full House at Northwich Plaza and Bingo Hall

Bex and Sean head into Northwich, Cheshire to investigate a disused bingo hall. Bex braves a loan vigil, which she will never forget as a door seemingly opens on its own, objects are moved and a spirit takes a seat with Sean on his investigation. Are the spirits still waiting for their final numbers to be called?

10. Last Orders at The Fleece Inn

The team head to Elland to investigate ghostly goings on in this haunted pub. Its not just the spirits behind the bar lurking here. Multiple hauntings, murders and death surround this public house. Will headless horses make an appearance tonight and who or what haunts the beer cellar?