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8. Lost Souls of One Melling Road

The team head to Liverpool to help a restaurant uncover what could be haunting here. Bex and Sean encounter the spirit of a white lady in the private quarters. A spirit interacts with Bex in the kitchen and Sean speaks to lost souls in an unforgettable moment

1. Liverpool's Secret Haunted Mansion

Bex and Sean delve deep into Woolton Hall, a derelict mansion in Liverpool. They appear to be forced out of the building by an unknown force and it takes it toll on one of the team members as they begin to unlock the secrets that have remained locked up for years.

5. The Blues Haunting at The Winslow Hotel

Bex, Sean and the team head to Liverpool and investigate a very famous hotel, which Everton football club supporters have frequented for over 100 years and it would appear that some of the guests have never checked out

7. Witches and Vampires Haunting St James Cemetery

St James Cemetery is set behind Liverpool Cathedral and is claimed to be the worlds most haunted, with the remains of over 58,000 people buried at the location and multiple claims of paranormal sightings. Will the team survive the night unscathed? Will they encounter witchcraft or a vampire that is believed to roam the grounds to this very day?