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Award Winning Paranormal Television Series

  Ghost Dimension: Season 6

1. The Streets

Hidden underground for years in Keighley West Yorkshire. Ghost Dimension investigate haunted Victorian Streets, which hold sinister secrets and dark ghostly spirits. One of the most haunted investigations ever.

2. The Crooked House

Deep in Cheshire Ghost Dimension explore a house full of ghostly activity and paranormal goings on. One of the most haunted and terrifying investigations the team have ever encountered.

3. Secret Nuclear Bunker

Ghost Dimension investigate Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker in Nantwich, UK. Something sinister and paranormal seems to be causing havoc inside of the building and tonight it unleashes powerful ghostly activity.

4. Stranger in the Blitz

Damaged during the blitz, the location the team investigate was a former war hospital for the injured and wounded, based in Liverpool, UK. Something strange appears to now have settled here

5. Prisoner of War

Barrow Green H17 Anti-Aircraft Battery build to protect the Liverpool Docks and general area and a former prisoner of war camp, holds some sinister secrets and Ghost Dimension uncover paranormal activity dating back to WW2.

6. The Ammo Store Explosion

Simonswood Supply Depot was one of the main ammunition depots in Lancashire, England during World War II. Located at Simonswood, it was used as an ammunition depot delivered by ROF Kirkby.

7. Washed Away Air Raid

This abandoned World War Two air raid shelter holds paranormal secrets that haunt anyone that ventures inside. A menacing ghostly entity makes contact as the team try to uncover the reasons behind the hauntings.

8. Buried inside the Bombing Decoy

A Second World War bombing decoy site at Formby. It was commissioned in December 1940 as a 'Permanent Starfish' site to deflect enemy bombing from the city of Liverpool and it is now home to a whole host of paranormal activity.

9. WW2 Hospital Haunting

Built in the early 1900's and now used as offices, a former world war hospital has become the new home for something supernatural. Strange voices, eerie footsteps and the sounds of painful screams have all been reported.

10. Fort Crosby

Crosby Battery, also known as Crosby Point Battery and Fort Crosby, was an artillery battery situated between Crosby and Hightown in Lancashire, United Kingdom. The battery was used for port defence and anti-aircraft defence during WWII.