The Shows

Award Winning Paranormal Television Series

  Ghost Dimension: Season 5

1. Ghosts of the Pumping Pit

Ghost Dimension head to Wigan and investigate Aspull Pumping Pit. Built in 1871, the location is currently in ruins and is home to a whole host of paranormal activity. Ghostly entities make contact tonight, in an unforgettable paranormal investigation.

2. Passage in Time

Ghost Dimension investigate Big Condo Studios in Liverpool, UK. Located in one of the most haunted cities in the world and believed to be haunted by some very playful spirits. Will they join the team on their investigation tonight?

3. The Knight Ghost

Ghost Dimension investigate the ruins of Liverpool castle, Bolton and encounter a ghost on camera! Could this be the most compelling paranormal evidence ever?

4. The Piano Plays a Ghost Song

Following reports of loud voices and footsteps heard when no one else is around, staff seeing dark shadows fleeting through the empty corridors, to several pianos playing by themselves, Ghost Dimension head into Champness Hall.

5. Loud Ghosts of The Hall

Ghost Dimension continue their investigation into Champness Hall and come face to face with paranormal activity that is caught on camera and seek out the paranormal entities haunting the location.

6. Haunted Theme Park - Part 1

What could be haunting an abandoned theme park in Lancashire? Ghost Dimension seek out paranormal activity in Camelot and they are in for a ride!

7. Haunted Theme Park - Part 2

Ghost Dimension continue investigating Camelot Theme Park, the UK's most haunted and come face to face, with a powerful paranormal entity.

8. The Barn

Something Strange is haunting the remains of a colliery in Cheshire and Ghost Dimension head in to uncover the truth behind the activity!

9. Evil Spirit in the Cave

Ghost Dimension face a dark sinister ghost inside haunted Caves. Crank caves based in St Helens are said to be the most haunted in the area. Strange paranormal spirits spooky anyone that ventures inside.

10. Ghost in the Shower

Ghost Dimension investigate Waterloo Rugby Club and come into contact with a very mischievous spirit in the male showers! A ghost that scares away any female that dares to enter.