The Shows

Award Winning Paranormal Television Series

  Flying Solo: Season 4

1. The Evil Cook at The Shakespeare Pub

Sean explores The Shakespeare pub in Manchester and meets Flecky Bennett to investigate claims dating back hundreds of years, about an evil chef that is haunting the pub. There is a twist to the story and all is not what it seems with the pubs history about how it arrived into Manchester.

2. Strange Things at Owd Betts

Sean heads to Rochdale and investigates strange paranormal reports at Owd Betts. Something spooky lurks in the basement and it seems Sean is not alone as he investigates the main bar. With so many sightings of ghostly spirits at the pub, will they join the investigation tonight?

3. Dimensional Gateway of The Nine Ladies Stone Circle

Sean heads to Stanton Moor, Derbyshire and encounters a portal to the spirit dimension within a mystical stone circle, used for witchcraft and occult practices. With no outside interference, the activity is off the scale. Perhaps, Sean has the key that opens a door to the spirit world.

4. The Mischievous Ghost of The Kings Arms Hotel

Sean investigates claims that a mischievous ghost that goes by the name of Alice is causing havoc at The Kings Arms Hotel. This is one night at a hotel that the team did not rest.

5. Dangerous Demon of The Stork Inn

Sean heads to Wigan to investigate a location with history dating back to 900AD. Encountering a spirit that attacks him, will the team be safe tonight as they come face to face with pure evil?

6. Buried Beneath The Bowling Green

Buried under the location Sean investigates tonight, is the bones of the deceased and it appears that they are at unrest. Will Sean solve the mystery of who is haunting this location?

7. Not a Very Fun Day at The Beech Caves

Witchcraft, demons and ghosts all have been reported to haunt these caves. Sean investigates this network of tunnels deep underground and uncovers that all is not as it seems. This is not a day out at the seaside at Beech Caves.