The Shows

Award Winning Paranormal Television Series

  Ghost Dimension: Season 3

1. Liverpool's Secret Haunted Mansion

Bex and Sean delve deep into Woolton Hall, a derelict mansion in Liverpool. They appear to be forced out of the building by an unknown force and it takes it toll on one of the team members as they begin to unlock the secrets that have remained locked up for years.

2. Celebrity Special - The Black Horse in Pluckley Village

Bex and Sean are joined by reality TV star Charlie Doherty in the most haunted village in the UK and investigate the most haunted pub in the UK, The Black Horse. Will they survive the night or will reality set in when the lights go out and the spirits come out to play?

3. The Night Before The Storm

In this special episode, its the night before Sean and Bex are joined by their celebrity guest and they checkout The Black Horse in Pluckley Village to investigate the paranormal hauntings at the most haunted pub in the UK.

4. High Spirits at The Gothic Mansion

Bex and Sean investigate a haunting inside a gothic mansion, that is said to be haunted by the former owner of the building. Our very own crew member Jane was also a babysitter at the home and has her own ghostly stories to tell. Will any spirits come out from hiding tonight?

5. The Blues Haunting at The Winslow Hotel

Bex, Sean and the team head to Liverpool and investigate a very famous hotel, which Everton football club supporters have frequented for over 100 years and it would appear that some of the guests have never checked out

6. Fun and Games at The Sportsman Inn

Bex, Sean and Paul, investigate claims of paranormal reports inside of a haunted inn. Once three separate cottages, will any of the previous residents join the investigation tonight? or is there something more sinister haunting here?

7. Witches and Vampires Haunting St James Cemetery

St James Cemetery is set behind Liverpool Cathedral and is claimed to be the worlds most haunted, with the remains of over 58,000 people buried at the location and multiple claims of paranormal sightings. Will the team survive the night unscathed? Will they encounter witchcraft or a vampire that is believed to roam the grounds to this very day?

8. A Social Club for the Paranormal

Bex and Sean delve deep into a building that has survived world wars and is home some very social ghosts. They come face to face with an angry spirit and something strange appears to be lurking in the basement.

9. A Unexpected Haunted Adventure

The team head to Lydiate Abbey to investigate claims of a ghostly white lady and stumble upon a totally hidden gem deep in the woods, which has its own spirits haunting. With hidden priest holes and a building being reclaimed by the land. Be prepared for one of the scariest investigations ever.

10. Spirits Flying High at Speke Aerodrome

The team head to Speke Airport to investigate claims that some of the aircraft located there, have ghostly passengers that are still aboard, waiting to take flight.