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Award Winning Paranormal Television Series

  Ghost Dimension: Season 1

1. Ghosts of Bolton Sea Cadets

The Ghost Dimension team head to Bolton to check out the alleged haunting at Sea Cadets academy.? Serving as a training facility for youngsters interested in joining the navy this building has had a lot of reports of ghostly goings on.? Why would a building such as this have so much paranormal activity? Our intrepid team are on the case to find out.

2. Haunted Weir Mill

The Ghost Dimension team visit Weir Mill, the oldest and most paranormally active mill in Stockport. Dating back to 1790 this mill has seen accidents, suicides, murder and even occult practices. Will the team encounter the spirits or friendly, benevolent children or something darker and more malevolent that lurks within the maze?

3. Haunting of New Mills Art Theatre Part 1

The Ghost Dimension team travel to Derbyshire to investigate the New Mills Arts Theatre.?This quirky little building has played host to many famous acts and world renowned plays but has a little known secret that it's allegedly Haunted. With unexplained voices coming from the auditorium and shadows witnessed on the stage, The activity will get so intense it will leave the team in a spin!

4. Haunting of New Mills Art Theatre Part 2

The Ghost Dimension Team are ready for act II at the New Mills Arts Theatre.? With so much apparent activity happening at this unassuming theatre the team just couldn't leave when so much more seemed to be promised. And more there was. ?Has one of the team been singled out as a cry for help from spirit takes hold and has everyone reeling from what they witness?

5. Spirits at The Lord Eldon

The Ghost Dimension team travel to the old town of Knutsford, Cheshire to investigate the historic Lord Eldon Inn hoping to contact the spirit of Sarah Ann Pollitt who is said to haunt the pub but is there a more sinister mystery to unravel and a poltergeist determined to see it stayed buried? Is this investigation going to push one of the team too far?

6. Monks and Demons at The Rutland Arms Hotel

The Ghost Dimension team journey to Nottingham and the historic Rutland Arms Hotel.? The pub and hotel have seen several centuries or change and with that change comes tragedy.? Many souls are said to linger within this building and paranormal activity is rife so what is in store for the team tonight?

7. Final Session at Galleries of Justice

The Ghost Dimension team travel back in time to The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham.? This was a one stop shop for justice where criminals were held awaiting trial and should they be found guilty and sentenced to death they would be taken to the waiting gallows and hung.? Do the spirits of the condemned still languish within the cells, afraid to move on to their final judgement

8. Underground World Of The City of Caves

The Ghost Dimension team venture underground to investigate the City of Caves in Nottingham.? The vast labyrinth of tunnels are century's old and have had many uses over the years from tannery's to air raid shelters as well as been living accommodation stretching back to the middle ages.?But what still calls it home? ?There seems to be an angry man that doesn't take to well to visitors.

9. Lost Souls Of The Tivoli Venue

The Ghost Dimension Team travel to North Wales and the Tivoli Theatre in Flint for a night of entertainment.? Once a place of laughter, drama and suspense from the plays once performed here the theatre sadly suffered a tragic fire which is said to have claimed the life of an employer here.?

10. The Old Glen and Milner Curse

?The Ghost Dimension team head to Shipley, West Yorkshire to investigate The Old Glen House Pub.? With a catalogue of reported paranormal activity will the team witness the apparition who has been seen loitering around the fireplace? Will one team member be able to face the corridor alone where many a ghostly encounter has been had by staff and customers alike??

4. Legh Arms Historic Haunting Part 2

Part 2 of Ghost Dimension's Bex and Sean visit to the Legh Arms in Knutsford, Cheshire. A 16th Century pub that has a haunted history. The duo come into direct contact with spirits haunting the location. Even during the day there is no shortage of ghostly activity, on this lock down special paranormal Ghost Dimension investigation.