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2. Haunted Weir Mill

The Ghost Dimension team visit Weir Mill, the oldest and most paranormally active mill in Stockport. Dating back to 1790 this mill has seen accidents, suicides, murder and even occult practices. Will the team encounter the spirits or friendly, benevolent children or something darker and more malevolent that lurks within the maze?

3. Spirits in command at Welkin Mill

Sean heads into Stockport, Greater Manchester and travels to Welkin Mill. He investigates claims of paranormal activity which also appear to be linked to his previous investigation of Moviescape. It turns out to be a very active night with the spirits seemingly in control.

4. Will it all go pear shaped at Pear Mill? - Part 1

Sean heads to Stockport to investigate a haunted mill, which has a lift with a mind all of its own. Will any of the ghosts haunting the mill join him on the investigation tonight or will it all go pear shaped?