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1. Ghosts of Bolton Sea Cadets

The Ghost Dimension team head to Bolton to check out the alleged haunting at Sea Cadets academy.? Serving as a training facility for youngsters interested in joining the navy this building has had a lot of reports of ghostly goings on.? Why would a building such as this have so much paranormal activity? Our intrepid team are on the case to find out.

9. Man with a Cane

The team head to Bolton and investigate the Old Three Crowns. Haunted by the spirit of a very angry man with a deadly cane and an upset young ghostly girl. Will they uncover why the girl is so upset? and could they encounter the angry spirit man?

10. I hear a baby crying

The team investigate the Market Hotel in Bolton. Believed to be haunted by the lost soul of a previous landlord and a guest who likes to make herself known. They make contact with spirits from the other side and witness first hand paranormal activity.

3. The Knight Ghost

Ghost Dimension investigate the ruins of Liverpool castle, Bolton and encounter a ghost on camera! Could this be the most compelling paranormal evidence ever?