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6. Monks and Demons at The Rutland Arms Hotel

The Ghost Dimension team journey to Nottingham and the historic Rutland Arms Hotel.? The pub and hotel have seen several centuries or change and with that change comes tragedy.? Many souls are said to linger within this building and paranormal activity is rife so what is in store for the team tonight?

5. The Blues Haunting at The Winslow Hotel

Bex, Sean and the team head to Liverpool and investigate a very famous hotel, which Everton football club supporters have frequented for over 100 years and it would appear that some of the guests have never checked out

3. Ghost Dimension Halloween Special

Join Bex, Sean and the team as they investigate The Wellington Hotel for Halloween. Based in Halewood, this public inn has more haunting inside of its walls than the spirits behind the bar

7. Hotel of Horror

Ghost Dimension head to Halewood and investigate the Wellington Hotel. Believed to be a hive of paranormal activity. Will they uncover what is haunting this public house?

10. I hear a baby crying

The team investigate the Market Hotel in Bolton. Believed to be haunted by the lost soul of a previous landlord and a guest who likes to make herself known. They make contact with spirits from the other side and witness first hand paranormal activity.

9. Poltergeist Haunting The Station Hotel - Part 1

Sean heads to Ashton-Under-Lyne to investigate poltergeist activity claims in a truly local pub. Its believed that its not just the locals that return to haunt here. Sean comes face to face with the activity in a night he will never forget.

10. Poltergeist Haunting The Station Hotel - Part 2

Sean continues his investigation at The Station Hotel and it appears his presence is not welcomed by the spirits. This is one experience of the paranormal that leaves a mark in Sean's memory forever.

4. The Mischievous Ghost of The Kings Arms Hotel

Sean investigates claims that a mischievous ghost that goes by the name of Alice is causing havoc at The Kings Arms Hotel. This is one night at a hotel that the team did not rest.